Waterway and Drought

SPI Map for 30-Day period ending

Note: SPI stands for Standardized Precipitation Index, Map denotes US Climate Divisions
The climate-division values are derived from station-based values (from NCEI's GHCN-D dataset) and are not official NCEI divisional values
Due to processing time and data flows, SPI maps cannot be generated for the two most recent days.
Map Legend

River levels as of

Location 2022 Height 1-Day Forecast 2-Day Forecast 3-Day Forecast Height - Last Year 2012 Height Mean Height Deviation from Mean (DFM) Mean +/- 1 Std. Dev.
DFM ≤ -5
DFM < 0 and > -5
DFM = 0
DFM > 0 and < 5
DFM ≥ 5
Forecast projections courtesy of the Advanced Hydrological Prediction System.
All units are in feet.